November 22, 2021
DETERMINATION is the key to learning French. The more time you invest in learning french, the sooner you will master the language. Repetition is the key. When you spend time memorizing a language, your brain will store it in its short term memory but when you constantly repeat the language you study, the brain will store it in its long term memory. Surround yourself with French speaking people. Spending most of your time with the native French speakers is absolutely essential because you will be influenced to speak French in order to communicate with them. The fluidity and phrasal contractions will be a challenging but exciting step in your learning. Downloading French language applications on your mobile devices. In our modern era, French language applications are great for learning vocabulary and applying grammatical constructions in contained situations. These applications will be invaluable in the journey to learn french because they contain a lot of learning and practice. Spend time everyday reading and practicing the French Language. Evaluate what your day looks like, see where you can fit in a few minutes of French reading and make it a habit. As you infuse French reading into your daily routine, you will find yourself improving quickly and steadily. Listen to French audios and music. In order to be able to speak French properly, you have to listen to the language for hours. Language learning is done by absorption, while speaking is just an opportunity to practice what you already know and maybe learn some more on the way. Hence, a simple way to improve your conversational French is to listen to the French language.