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SPiiKA French – Pro Pack


SPiiKA French – Pro Pack

  • Last Update June 9, 2021


This is an engaging course that takes serious adult French enthusiasts from zero to conversational fluency. The course is structured in a way to give learners several opportunities to practice speaking in diverse contexts during live lessons.

Topics for this course

29 Lessons

Salutations (Greetings)?

By the end this unit, learners will know how to express greetings and say goodbye in different forms in French.
Salutations – cours 1
Dialogue sur les salutations (Dialogue on greetings)
Cours 1 Quiz 1 -Identifiez les salutations (Identify the greetings)
Cours 1 Quiz 2 – C’est quoi en français? (What’s it in French?)
Cours 1 Quiz 3 – Donnez le temps d’utilisation. (Give the time of use)
Vidéo de SPiiKA (SPiiKA video)
Salutations – cours 2
Cours 2 Quiz 1- Donnez les sens des expressions (Give the meaning of the expressions)
Cours 2, Quiz 2 Donnez les bonnes résponses. (Give the correct answers)
Cours 2 Quiz 3, Texte à trous (Fill in the gaps)
Salutations – cours 3
Cour 3 Quiz 1 – Donnez les bonnes réponses. (Give the correct answers)
Cours 3 Quiz 2, Traduction (Translation)
Salutations – cours 4
Cours 4 Quiz 1 – Texte à trous (Fill-in-the-blank)
Cours 4 Quiz 2, Grammaire (Grammar)
Cours 4 Quiz 3, Grammaire (Grammar)
Les Salutations – Assignments 1
Les Salutations – Assignments 2
Les Salutations – Assignments 3

Parler de soi (Talking about oneself)?

At the end of this unit, learners should be able to introduce themselves and present basic details about themselves.

Connaître quelqu’un (Getting to know someone)?

This unit will equip learners with the right expressions to ask questions and get to know others.

Routine Quotidienne (Daily routine)?

In this unit, we will be learning how to talk about the activities we do in a normal day. We will also learn to use adverbs of time to qualify the activities.

Identifier et décrire les gens (Identifying and describing people)?

At the end of this unit, learners will learn how to use the comparatives and superlatives to describe people and things in general.

Cours de révision (Revision lesson)

Mon quartier et ma maison (My neighbourhood and my house)?

In this unit, you will explore various ways of describing where you live. You will also learn lot of vocabulary related to types of housing and what you can find in and around the house and the neighborhood. In addition to this, you will be equipped with structures and vocabulary to talk about your ideal house.

Ma Famille (My family)?

In this unit, you will learn to talk about your family members and also to describe family relationships.

Exprimer ses goûts (Expressing likes and dislikes)?

In this unit, you will learn to talk about your likes and dislikes. You will also vocabulary related to sports and talk about whether or not you like them.

Faire des achats (Going shopping)?

In this unit, you will learn to express yourself in a buying and selling situation.

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Material Includes

  • You need not purchase any course materials. We provide you with slides carefully designed by our team after each lesson.
  • In addition, you will have access to a dose of invaluable external resources to keep you practicing and learning.


  • -Good Internet connection with at least 500MB of data bundle
  • -Device; phone, tablet or laptop (much preferred)

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