A revolution in education

The e-learning revolution has emerged as a strong alternative or complement to traditional learning. 

The problem it presents unfortunately is that, not all kids have an opportunity to be part of the revolution

We are bridging the educational quality gap, 1 community at a time

What we are doing about it.

We are bringing quality world class education to kids who would have been excluded.

How we are doing it
We use projectors to broadcast online lessons to kids who do not have personal digital learning devices in target communities. These evening lessons greatly supplement our learners’ daytime education

52 students

2 Communities

72,000 Combined hours of free learning.

What we are doing about it.

We believe that absolutely no kid should be left behind in education just because of  where they live.

We believe that absolutely every kid deserves a fair shot at getting to the top, e-learning presents us a unique opportunity to equalize the quality of education for all kids.

Join us build an educationally equal world for all kids