If you are no longer actively studying a language, one of the main reasons it may fade away from your memory is lack of exposure. In this short essay, you will get more knowledge on what to do to maintain a language you have acquired.

There are many great resources on the internet to help you practice a language. YouTube, a social media platform, is an especially good resource. There are several YouTube channels that are dedicated to help people learn a language. Downloading a language learning application means that you can practice a language virtually anywhere. Language learning applications are also very handy because they allow you to learn at your own pace. You could also do something as simple as change the language setting of things that you use everyday.

You can also channel your inner film critics while practicing your second language. If you are watching a movie in another language, switch on subtitles in the language you prefer. Hearing the dialogue in another language and then reading it in your preferred language will help build your vocabulary and reading comprehension in the target language. Listening to music and singing along is an effortless way to use and not lose a language.

Setting specific goals will help motivate you to continue improving your skills by giving you clear objectives. For instance, you might try learning 20 new vocabulary words per week or reading a book a month in a language. If you have a friend who speaks the language you acquired, converse with them in that language to keep practicing and avoid forgetting it.

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